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5 Life-saving Tips about How to Do a Word Rephrase

Doing a word rephrase is one of the main tasks of students. If you’re assigned to rephrase texts, sentences or paragraphs, you may be interested how not to waste your time and to make the content unique and professionally written with the help of paraphrase generator online, where all the working process is always simple and easy to understand. 

Moreover, you might be interested to learn of the most vital tips that you need in order to accomplish the task easily and flawlessly, especially when there are different kinds of content rewriting and some of them may be confusing to understand. To simplify the entire process, below is a list of five easy tips to know to rephrase words.

Rewrite Words in 5 Steps

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  1. Set a time for reading. Sit down and focus on the paper with the texts to rewrite. Don’t be distracted, so close the internet windows you’re not using if you are going to rewrite something you found online. Make sure to put your mind and soul to the task on hand.

  2. Following up, you should also be able to take down notes of the important keywords and clue words, which you can refer to later on when writing your article. You should be able to go back into your list that you can also look up their meanings from the thesaurus. However, remember not to use the dictionary too often in the process of rewriting. If you do, your rewrite might be filled with jargons or technical terms, which will not help but confuse the readers. Remember, you should write in the simplest manner as possible so that your readers can easily understand the message without them having to reach for a dictionary later when reading your version of the text.

  3. Start writing. At this point, you don’t have to edit yet, but just write. Rewrite with your own words and avoid staring at the source when doing the paraphrasing. If you do, you might have to spend more time and then also be distracted. You can avoid this from happening if you have understood the text from the very beginning.

  4. Once done writing, you should be able to read again and check for details you have included in the paper. When rewriting, you don’t really need to include all the points mentioned by the author. Even if this is a rewrite, you also have to make sure that the ideas are presented in a logical and smooth-flowing manner. Remember: The goal is to present the ideas in a way that the readers will understand. Also, it is written in the manner that you are leading them to the right direction and conclusion. Omit irrelevant details, which just take up much needed space.

  5. The rewritten version does not have to be as long as or even longer than the original article or text. What matters is that the ideas presented by the author are well-rewritten in the manner that leads to the best understanding of the readers. Keep your version shorter and see to it that it did not copy direct statements or quotations without using proper citation. When using direct statements from the author, use signal words or phrases “according to, based on, ___ states that… Do final edits and come up with the best results with your tasks.

Reasons to Rewrite Words

Rewrite and summarize website are much needed internet skills for writers and for everyone looking to use someone else’s ideas but avoid the trouble of plagiarizing. By rewriting, an author has the chance to repurposing a blog, article or any written documents and adjust one based on his or her audience—much more simplified. If you’re looking to rewrite texts, make sure to follow these tips that will help you accomplish the task in an easier and faster manner than not. Finally, see to it that you spend enough time in the process so that you will have more time in revising or rewriting the output until it gets to perfection that you’re looking for.

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