How to Paraphrase

5 Simple Ways of Content Paraphrase

What Do You Mean by Paraphrasing?

Changing someone’s words, paragraph, essay or article in such a way that the original concept will not be affected, and rephrased content should not be counted under plagiarism, is known as paraphrasing.
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Why Paraphrasing Is a Tough Process?

No doubt, paraphrasing is a tough process and there are several reasons behind this. If you are interested in going into details of these reasons which make the paraphrasing, a difficult process; just have a look on the following lines:

  • Word paraphrasing: If you have chosen word paraphrasing then the first difficulty that you will face is picking the right words that need to be rephrased and next difficulty is selection of such synonym word that will not change the actual theme of sentence or disturb the structure of sentence.
  • Content paraphrasing: Content rewriting or paraphrasing is the also difficult in a sense that in this type of paraphrasing, we need to rewrite the whole content without disturbing the original idea of real content.
  • Principles of specific paraphrasing style: When you need content paraphrase into a specific style such as APA style, you have to take care of principles of that specific paraphrasing style such as what to do when words are less or more than 40 and how to cite the original source into APA style. So, paraphrasing according to principles of specific paraphrasing style is also a difficult process.
  • Changing the sentence structure and word order: Some people want to do paraphrasing only changing the sentence structure from direct or indirect and vice versa and also by varying the word order. This method of rephrasing looks easy, but it needs to do very skillfully due to huge chances of having plagiarism or disturbing the concept of original content.
  • Reference rephrasing: References always need to be written into that specific style in which content is rephrased. For example, if you have followed APA style in paraphrasing the content, you must have to write the references in APA style.

You also shouldn’t forget about a comma checker to avoid common mistakes!

Professional Guidelines to Proper Content Rewriting

When you are tasked to paraphrase paragraph or anything else, it is important that you understand the most important processes of paraphrasing to make sure that your final paper will be original and top notch. For most, paraphrasing can be tough especially that you have to create an entirely new content based on another author’s ideas.

  • In content paraphrase, you should be able to use your own words, change and structure of the sentences and convey the same message to your readers.
  • Do not just change some words of the content and pass it on as new content as this could result to plagiarism.

How Do You Not Plagiarize When Paraphrasing?

To avoid plagiarism while paraphrasing, it is important to take care of two things; one is only changing the words with synonym words in the short and less important and other is changing the whole content into your words for long words or paragraphs by without changing the concept and idea of original work. In this way, you can easily complete your target of paraphrasing without including plagiarism.

Simple Tips for Effective Content Paraphrase Online

Before you paraphrase, make sure that you read the section that you need to paraphrase. Take your time and carefully consider every words used and what the author would like its readers to know. By understanding the meaning, you will be able to translate across this to your own audience while using your own words. To content paraphrase effectively, make sure that you indicate that you are using another person’s ideas simply by acknowledging and citing your sources properly.

Learn More on How to Content Paraphrase Easily

When you are directly quoting a sentence or texts, you can use quotation marks. By enclosing it, your readers will be able to recognize that you are using ideas from other author/s. Paraphrasing sentences or anything else is very useful nowadays and the common error would be plagiarism; by practicing proper content rewriting guidelines, you will be able to make sure that your final paper will be of top notch quality.

Use these content paraphrase tips as a guide to make sure that your own content will be flawless and 100% original!

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