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Article Rewriting: Ways on How to Do It Properly

Majority of the content available nowadays are in some ways paraphrased and rewritten. If you want to properly rewrite an article, make sure that you understand the most basic steps and understand best strategies as to ensure its quality. Before article rewriting, read thoroughly the original content; by understanding its message and concept, you will be able to effectively rewrite it. To help you rewrite articles easily or rephrase sentence, familiarize yourself with various paraphrasing strategies; this will surely provide you the better knowledge of what you should keep in mind to ensure effective content rewriting.

Simple Tips to Ensure Quality When You Article Rewrite

If you are having problems with rewriting, reread the original passage several times; you can look up words that you are not familiar and be sure that you clearly understand the meaning of the content and what the author intends to convey to its readers.

  • Always use your own words
  • Create a content that is completely yours as to avoid any plagiarism
  • In article rewriting, you should never just change the words but completely alter the structure of every sentence.

Rephrasing sentences may drive your writing to an absolutely new level!

Step by Step Guide Rewriting an Article like a Pro

Article rewriting may be an ordinary job for some people, but professionals do not think so. They know the technicalities involved in rewriting the article very clearly. Following is the step by step guide for rewriting an article like a pro:

  • Understanding the concept of article: To rewrite an article, the first step is reading the article completely and understanding the basic concept of article as well as aim of writer behind writing the original article.
  • Separation of content: After understanding the idea or theme of article, now is the time to divide the content of article into rewritable and fixed content. Now separate the fixed content from rewritable content. Fixed content includes some facts and figures that is unchangeable.
  • Synonym words: First of all, take the short sentences to rewrite and only change some words with synonym words. This will be enough to take out the sentences from plagiarism.
  • Rephrasing the paragraphs: For the longer sentences, rephrase the complete paragraphs instead of rewriting the sentences.

Article Rewriting: Original Content, Flawless Paper

Make sure that you accurately address the idea of the author in a completely new way; you can recreate it by adding your own writing style. In fact, many are practicing article rewriting in order to efficiently customize their papers to lure in the interest of their audience. When you rewrite, use your own scholarly voice and never directly copy from the original as this could result in plagiarism. Practice makes everything perfect so if you want to improve the quality of your paper, make sure that you rewrite article several times. Article rewrite can be difficult but not impossible especially if you understand the main concept of proper rewriting.

Top 5 Best Strategies for Rewriting

  • Basic theme of article: The first thing that needs to be making sure while rewriting the article is maintaining the basic concept of article. It doesn’t matter, you are going to rewrite the complete paragraphs or only want to change the synonym words, the basic concept of article should not be altered.
  • Sentence structure: While rewriting the sentences, it is very necessary to take care of sentence structure either from indirect to direct sentence or passive to active sentence and vice versa. While rewriting the sentences, the real theme of sentences should not be changed.
  • Synonym words: Choose the synonym words very carefully so that the meaning and concept of sentence should not be changed. A variety of synonym words are available for every word. However, we cannot use anyone of the word as a replacement of real word. We have to check twice, which synonym word will be perfectly replacing the real word.
  • APA style of rewriting: Both in rephrasing the article content and providing references of article, same writing style should have adopted. If you have chosen APA style, then the method of writing the name, date and page number should be according to APA style.
  • Unique writing style: Fifth but most powerful strategy to rewrite the article in highly professional way is choosing the unique words to rephrase the complete article. It will not only raise the beauty of article but will keep your article safe from plagiarism.

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