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8 Ways to Master Your Knowledge of How to Summarize a Research Paper

how to summarize a research paper

What Is Summarizing?

Summarizing is about collecting the main ideas from a research paper. The summary of the research paper tell about the topic, the brief method of research used and the findings of the research. All this information is collected very briefly in summary. If someone is interested in reading more details, he can read the complete research paper. However, you have to make sure that you have gathered all important points, and no one is missing. On the other hand, no irrelevant information should be included in summary. A brief and precise summary is the best summary.

Main Difficulties of Research Paper Summarizing

If you wonder how to summarize a research paper, it seems easy but actually you may face many difficulties. The difficulties to face depends on the topic of the research paper. Here we are discussing few general problems, which people face summarizing a research paper:

  • It’s very difficult to summarize a research paper. You have to pick the important points, methodology, and findings but very precisely. It’s important that all the important facts are included in the summary, but it should not have any unnecessary detail.
  • You cannot copy the sentences from the original research paper. You have to rephrase them, which majority of the people find difficult.
  • The paraphrased content should be grammatically correct. But majority of the people don’t have enough writing skills to write the idea, so perfectly.
  • You cannot change anything during paraphrase. You have to keep the idea, you have to keep the results, just the same. But you have to change the words and write everything in your own words. It requires a good vocabulary, which people don’t have.

When you start summarizing a research paper, you have to read it carefully, many times. Than you select important points. It can take a lot of your time majority of the people have no time to spare for such tasks. After summarizing, editing also take a lot of time.

Summarizing a Research Paper

Do you need some tips on how to summarize a research paper? If you’re given this task and you need to submit it on time, you need to devote your effort and focus, equally as you would when working on a research paper. When asked to write a summary of the paper, you may be interested of the proven ways on how to accomplish the task easier. For that matter, see the following list of steps for you:

  • Read the paper’s abstract. One is composed of a short paragraph from the author, which gives the readers a brief overview or summary of the paper. Usually, this is composed of between 100 and 200 words. Read and understand this section and see what the main highlights of this paper are. You can use it later and rewrite it. You can find many rewrite my paragraph tips online.
  • Know the context of the research paper, meaning you have to find the topic that the author or authors is discussing or analyzing in the study. In the process, you may also want to pick out quotes, data and arguments to use in the summary.
  • Get to the conclusion. Where is the research ending up? This is also the part where to find the direction into where the arguments and outlines will be going to. Summarizing a research paper this way is better so that you will be able to understand information that the author or authors is trying to come up with.
  • Spot or identify the thesis statement. This is to avoid reading the entire paper, reminding you of the main points or ideas in the paper and it will also help you get the summary right the first time. Without the proper thesis to use, the entire summary would be wrong. Therefore, identify it in the paper.
  • Look for the main arguments presented by the author. What are the points he has mentioned to support his main thesis? Be sure to identify these in the paper so that you can refer or use them in your summary.
  • Start writing the first draft of your summary and remember the abstract, the main thesis, the supporting details and the conclusion in writing. Begin with the name of the author and the title of the research. At this stage, there is no editing required. You have to focus and make sure that you’re not distracted in writing. You can avoid it by closing your internet windows, which are just drawing your attention from what you are doing.
  • When done writing, you can go back to your paper and read it aloud. This will help you in identifying if you have included the main arguments, thesis and other significant details mentioned by the author. Reading it aloud will also help in recognizing if you have included irrelevant data that you have to remove from the summary.
  • Keep your summary to no more than half of the length of the paper. Remember, the summary is the shortened form of the research paper. Therefore, you don’t need to write as long as the original. Edit your paper and make sure it does not contain any grammar and spelling mistakes. Apply final touches on your paper and then submit!

Expert Advice on Summarizing a Research Paper

If you have no idea about how to summarize a research paper, our experts are here with some advice.

Read the research paper many time, until you understand the concept and results. It’s important to collect just the important points, any unnecessary detail should be avoided. Research paper summary should not be very long. Don’t change the findings and review and edit the summary, once you are done.

There you have the main tips when writing your summary. Most importantly, make sure that you spend enough time so that you can have more of it when you do text rewriting until it achieved perfection. Also, bear in mind that this important task also needs careful attention to details, so see to it that you wrote with accurate information based on what was written in the research or journal.

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