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Apply These 5 Secret Techniques How to Summarize an Essay

how to summarize an essay

Skills such as paraphrase website or MLA paraphrase are very useful but discovering and mastering the secrets on how to summarize an essay is an important skill that you can take with you, no matter what industry you want to belong to in the future. In today’s post, you will learn of the most important tips in doing a summary as well as the main principles of doing it.

First of all, a summary is a brief version of an essay, but it keeps the most important details raised by the original author. It is a shortened form, but it also gives readers a clear picture on what an essay is about. For the best-kept secrets in summarizing, check out the following tips to know.

Five Secrets in Summarizing an Essay

  • Identify the thesis/main idea: In writing an essay, an author raises his points about a matter. If you’re a reader then, figure out what the piece is trying to tell you. Is the topic about global warming? Is it about street crimes in London? This is the first step. You have to learn what the main topic of the piece is so that you will have a clear idea on what you are writing a summary for. It will also help you save time in your task and accomplish it better. Don’t go into summarizing without understanding the main point or topic discussed by the author. In the process, you will also be able to identify what your summary’s topic is.
  • What are the main arguments raised by the author? By identifying the thesis, it will be easier for you to find out what the arguments are. Is the author a pro or an anti? In short, does the author support or is against the issue? For instance, does he believe that the use of plastic bottles can reduce global warming or not? Once you have identified the stand of the writer about an issue, you can now find the examples, arguments or statements he used in proving his point or convincing his readers. In your essay, you can also use a few of the illustrations that he has used in the original essay. But don’t use all the examples. Remember to stick with the word count max for this piece and to write a shorter version of the original.
  • Don’t inject your opinion. For example, you don’t need to say that you think that the essay is poorly- or well-written. Remember, you are working on a summary and not on a review. Therefore, keep the ideas of the author as well as do not try to include any of your opinion about the author, about the essay or about his stand on the topic. You are not making an essay review or critique.
  • Write the author’s name and the essay title at the beginning of your piece. This will give him proper credit and you will avoid plagiarism. You are simply writing it in a shorter version, so don’t try to own the ideas you will present. Remember, your task of summarizing is only to shorten the essay, but not leaving out important details or ideas presented by the author. You
  • Leave out least important ideas presented by the author. Be brief and concise in writing the summary. Keep your language relatively simple to understand and avoid any false claims or exaggerations. Just keep it clear and specific.

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There you have the five best-kept secrets about summarizing an essay to know if you want to become more effective in this task and that you can accomplish the main goals of summarizing, such as writing a shorter version of the text as well as letting the readers learn of the main points without them having to read a long essay. Some tips on how to do an essay rewrite can also help you with that.

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