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The A – Z of How to Summarize Website

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What Is Summarizing and What Are the Main Difficulties in Summarizing Process

Summarizing is about collection of main ideas from any content. All the documents are summarized either they are articles, research papers, essays etc. When we summarize a website, we give a short summary to tell that what this website is all about. The summary of the website explains about the content and sections of the website very briefly.

However, summarizing a website is not as easy as it seems. People face many difficulties when they summarize website. Here we are discussing few of them:

  • The most common problem, which people face is about selection of important ideas. It’s very difficult to decide that which idea should be included in the summary and which is not that important. But you have to make the decision, because everything can not be included in summary.
  • Another difficulty is about rephrasing the selected content. The main ideas are selected to create a summery, but they need to be rephrased to be understandable. A person with good writing skills can write them properly, in a meaningful format.
  • Time is another issue. Website summarization is a time taking job. Reading the website, collection of idea, reparsing, organization, review and edit, each and every step is time taking. When people try to do it in hurry, they fail to do it properly.

Why Do People Need Website Summarizing?

Before you ask how to summarize a website, you need to know that what people need to summarize a website. There are many reasons for that. For instance:

  • When website is very huge, with a lot of tab, summary can give the idea to the visitor that what is the content of the website. Usually, the main sections of the website are mentioned in the summary.
  • It saves a lot of time of the visitor. They know the content quickly.
  • It is also used to attract visitors. Owners use keyword rich content in the summary and attract a lot of traffic towards their website.

Do you want to summarize website? If you have found a good website and you want to make use of its ideas and pages, you should not do so without rewriting it properly. This is to avoid any issues with plagiarism or copyright, which happens when you don’t give proper credit to the original author of the text. It also happens when you steal his ideas by using chunks of his texts without rewriting it.

If you want to avoid any problems with your text, you need to learn how to paraphrase paragraph or sentence, which is what you’re going to learn inthe following tips.

How to Summarize a Website

  • Read the whole paragraph or sentences. Try to understand all the points mentioned. In the process, you will avoid going back over again reading the text when it is the time to rewrite website. If you want to summarize effectively, the first step is to understand the entire content, as it can simplify the process for you. Without thorough understanding of what was written, you might have to spend more time in rewriting than in attending to other tasks you have scheduled for the day. By reading and understanding the website, paraphrasing it later will come naturally. At this point, make sure to allot more time and focus on the task at hand.
  • While you’re reading and scanning through the text, have a pen and a paper in handy or you may want to open your notepad. This is for taking down important notes from the source. It can also help you in remembering important clue words that you should refer to or use later in your rewrite to ensure you are not leaving out important details in your article or write-up.
  • By writing down keywords and words, you will also have the chance to look up their meanings, if in case you don’t totally understand their meaning. This is another part of your task to become an effective rewriter.
  • When done and you’re sure that you totally understand the text, you should start writing. Don’t try to include all the points mentioned in the source. Summarizing means writing in your own words, based on your understanding. While it may be tempting to change words into their synonyms or interchange the position of the words or sentences in the paragraph, this is not effective and often very confusing, not only on your part but also on the readers.
  • Sparingly use the dictionary. This is to avoid filling the summary with jargons and technical words, which will not result to better understanding of the readers, but to their confusion, too. Keep your English simple and clear. You don’t need to come up with hard to understand vocabulary just to be told that you have a wide understanding of English words. Your main goal here is to summarize in the best way that the average folk can decipher.
  • Don’t try to come up with a longer version of the original text, but keep it short and to the point. Your main agenda here is to make use of the ideas, and not to come up with the same length of the original page you are rewriting.
  • Finally, read and edit your text to ensure that you have included the most important ideas and that you have removed irrelevant ideas in the summary.

Follow these tips when rephrasing a website and achieve the best results. Review your page and see if contains the main gist of the original source and have more time in reviewing your final outcome.

Additional Expert Advice on Summarizing a Website

According to experts the summary of the website should be very brief and precise. Depending on the nature of the website, it can be just few lines or a paragraph. However, it should be grammatically correct and serve the purpose, for which it is written. So, it’s better to decide in advance that why you are writing a summary of your website.

Learn more tips on how to summarize website today!

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