How to Paraphrase

Top 5 Tips for Paraphrasing a Quote

Paraphrasing a Quote: How and Where to Start

The most important skills to ensure the quality of your paraphrased content would be comprehension. By thoroughly understanding the messages presented in the original content, you will be able to effectively paraphrase website or any paper. When paraphrasing a quote, it is crucial that you can convey the same message but use completely different words. The most common problem committed when paraphrasing is plagiarism; copying any passages without properly citing your sources could result to dire consequences.

Step by Step Guide on How to Paraphrase Quotes

The first thing that you should do when paraphrasing a quote would be to understand what the original passage is all about. Write your own version without looking at the original; for better impact, you should be able to paraphrase based on what you understood. Paraphrasing basically is simple as you will read a passage from your source, examine it, take notes and share the information based on your level of understanding. As much as possible, keep your paraphrased content flawless and avoid using the same words used on the original. Focus on finding an easier and more direct way for you to describe what you have read.

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Simple Instructions on Paraphrasing a Quote Easily

The main goal when you paraphrase would be to report and not reproduce which is why you should always be carefully when you are creating your own version. Be confident with your paraphrased content and you can also use direct quotations but make sure that you use the correct citation method. A crucial tip on how to paraphrase quotes or how to paraphrase a sentence would be to keep in mind that you should be able to distill the source material to its essence. For you to ensure its quality when paraphrasing a quote, take your time in proofreading and editing it as to guarantee its overall excellence.

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