How to Paraphrase

How to Paraphrase

tips on how to paraphrase

Paraphrasing is a very common task, one that people often have to do for various reasons, but it’s also something that people often don’t know how to do very well. Paraphrasing is important because it allows you to retool and refashion content for a different purpose without getting in any sort of trouble, and it can be very useful if done correctly. However, too often people don’t put in the necessary effort, or don’t properly know how paraphrase, and thus come up with a reworking of the content that isn’t worthy of using it in the first place. Our service is here to help you overcome this problem by showing you how to do anything from how paraphrase a paragraph to how to make a paraphrase of a sentence.

Some Statistics about Paraphrasing/Plagiarism

It is not easy to collect exact statistics about plagiarism, because most of the people don’t accept that they have copied someone’s content. However, here are some statistics about plagiarism and paraphrasing:

  • According to a study, more than 80% college students admit that they have copied the content. Some admit doing it once, while others do it more than once.
  • At undergraduate level, more than 36% students accept their involvement in plagiarism.
  • 90% students believe that cheaters are never caught.
  • Nearly 55% students use internet for plagiarism.
  • 12% students admit to cheat regularly. But it is believed that actual percentage is more than that.
  • The number of students, who plagiarize the content is increasing with every passing year.
  • Usually plagiarized content is noticed in universities but in schools, teachers don’t give particular attention to plagiarism.

Why Do People Need to Paraphrase?

Before you start looking for paraphrasing tips, you need to understand that why do people need to paraphrase. There are many reasons for paraphrasing, here we are discussing few of them:

  • People use a source material to give support to their findings. They need to paraphrase the source material, in order to connect it properly with their own material. They use the same idea but use different words to back up their findings.
  • The most important reason for paraphrasing is to avoid the plagiarism. Plagiarism is a big crime in academic circle.  Paraphrasing reduce the chances and percentage of plagiarism.
  • Paraphrasing is done to maintain the flow of writing, everyone has its own writing style. The quoted text may be written in a different style, to make it sync with the authors writing style, it is paraphrased.
  • When some information is relevant, and some part of the material is not relevant. Authors prefer to paraphrase it. They keep the material of their interest and don’t add the useless information.
  • Some people need to paraphrase their own content, when they want to publish it on more than one webpages.

Is Paraphrasing Illegal?

It is a common question, which people ask. The answer of this question is simple. No, it is not illegal to paraphrase. There are many reason for paraphrasing, which we are going to discuss in next section. However, it is important to understand here that paraphrasing is not illegal.

If you mention the source and cite it properly, it is not illegal. But, if you want to present it as your own work and don’t cite the source, it can be illegal.

What Are the Benefits of Paraphrasing?

When you do paraphrasing and ask how to paraphrase, you need to understand that proper paraphrasing is very important. If we talk about the consequences of paraphrasing they can be many:

  • When you do paraphrasing, the reader gets the impression that you have actually understood the content and you have the ability to write it in your own words.
  • When you paraphrase, you actually work on your writing skills, which are very important in life.
  • Paraphrasing help you to publish your data on more than one webpages and reach to more number of people.
  • You avoid plagiarism, which is very important these days.
  • When you paraphrase, you get new ideas.

Paraphrasing Tips

  • There’s a crucial difference between paraphrasing a sentence, paragraph, or page. With a sentence, you basically have to maintain the same order of content, because there’s no new place to put it, but when you’re paraphrasing larger pieces of content then you can move things around while you paraphrase and thus make sure they’re structurally different.
  • The biggest mistake that people make when trying to paraphrase is simply picking synonyms for each word they want to rewrite. This takes too much time and often isn’t very convincing.
  • The important thing to remember when knowing how paraphrase is that you should read over the content, understand thoroughly what it’s communicating, and then find a way to completely retool it. Think of this as simply understanding the idea that is being communicated, and then writing it yourself. That way you have a much easier starting point and can come up with something quickly and efficiently.

how to paraphrase steps

Learn How to Do a Paraphrase

Once you figure out that it’s about entirely remaking sentences and paragraphs instead of switching out words, then the process, in fact, gets much easier. You can write in fully formed sentences and do things quicker rather than slowly going through each word. This is a good starting point in your paraphrasing and will allow you not only to take advantage of content but to produce the best reproduction as well.

Best 5 Strategies for Paraphrasing

When we ask questions like how to paraphrase a paragraph or how to paraphrase a sentence, we have to consider that there are some strategies, which we need to follow:

  • Change the vice: It is one of the best strategies. If the original text is in active voice, change it in passive voice or vice versa.
  • Use synonyms: You have to replace the words with their synonyms. However, sometimes it is not enough. You have to change the sentence with respect to the words. The synonyms may need some additional verbs to make correct sentence.
  • Change word order: You can change the order of the words. Use the last part of the sentence first and rearrange the sentence properly.
  • Change number and percentage style: If they are written in numeric numbers you can write them in number names and vice versa.
  • Paraphrase a paragraph: Experts recommend this strategy. Instead of paraphrasing sentence by sentence, read a paragraph and rephrase it. It will be easier to paraphrase and there will be less chances of plagiarism.

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